Agu Irukwu

Regional Pastor
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Pastor Agu Irukwu is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Head of the Executive Council of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in the United Kingdom (UK). He is also the Senior Pastor of Jesus House for all the Nations, London, a parish of the RCCG established in April 1994. Jesus House, as the church is more commonly known, is now acknowledged to be one of the fastest-growing black majority churches in England, with about 3000 people attending its 6 services on Sundays. A graduate of the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK, Pastor Agu was a former Investment Banker prior to his decision to go into full-time Christian ministry. In his various roles in the RCCG mission, Pastor Agu has been committed to the promotion of good governance for the charity. A very practical and down-to-earth preacher, his ministry is characterised by a desire to see revival in the UK and help build men and women of faith who will achieve their God-given purposes in life. Married to Pastor Shola Irukwu, they have three children. Pastor Agu enjoys reading and has an avid interest in current affairs and football.

Pastor Daniel, Provincial Pastor

Daniel Akhaezemea

Provincial Pastor
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Dr. Daniel Akhazemea is an ardent teacher of the word and passionate about missions and revival. He strives to help believers enjoy spiritual wholeness, encouraging them to work towards reaching excellence for God in all they do. He holds a Masters degree in Missional Leadership and a PhD degree in Biblical Counselling. He is the principal of Christ the Redeemer College, and Senior Pastor of Open Heavens Christian Centre, a parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God in London. He is happily married with four lovely children.

Pastor Eunice Akhazemea

Eunice Akhazemea

Pastor Eunice is a devout teacher of the word. She is passionate about maturity In believers and harmony in Christian homes. Her passion for happy Christian homes led her to establish the Praying Mothers’ ministry that constantly stand in watch over Christian homes. Her training in Christian counselling and education enables her to help hurting families address issues affecting them. She is gifted with a unique style of teaching that is very practical, humorous and yet straight forward that draws listeners into her world of deep spirituality.

ayo ayeni

Ayo Ayeni

Zonal Pastor (Zone 1)
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Pastor Ayo Ayeni is an Orthodontist by profession and a Pastor by calling. He was called to Croydon Tabernacle with 7 people. Today the church has grown to include congregations from various nations of the world. Pastor Ayo holds Bachelors Degree in Dentistry from the University of Lagos and a Masters degree from University College, London. He is a fellow and member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Scotland and England.

His overwhelming passion is to develop men and women to the maximum of their God-given potential. He is married to Pastor Yinka Ayeni and they have a son, Mofoluwasademi  Oluwasegun (fondly called Folu)


Yinka Ayeni

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Yinka Ayeni holds an honours degree in Economics and for over 10 years, held various managerial positions in one of the largest financial organisations in the UK. She currently runs her own business – Novelty Group and has published an anthology of poems titledTreasures of Darkness.

As a Teacher of the Word, Writer, Public Speaker and Business Woman, she runs a challenging schedule, combining many roles to fulfil her calling. Her thought-provoking and diagnostic approach to the Word of God makes her a sought-after speaker at many conferences.

Abiodun Obisesan

Zonal Pastor (Zone 2)
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Pastor Abiodun Obisesan is the senior pastor of RCCG Stillwaters. He initially trained as a gynaecologist and later retrained as a general practitioner (GP). He is passionate about teaching the word soundly and correctly. He embodies the motto of the church which is raising leaders and restoring souls. He is particularly interested in the resurrection of both secular and spiritual gifts that are dormant in the lives of believers. The resultant effect is that the saints are enabled to function at the level that God has ordained for them. Pastor Biodun enjoys reading gospel and secular classics and listening to gospel music. Pastor Biodun is married to Iyabo and they are blessed with two sons Tiwaloluwa and Mojolaoluwa and a daughter Ilerioluwakiiye.

Iyabo Obisesan

Pastor Iyabowale Obisesan is the pastor-in-charge of the church. She is a clinical nurse specialist. She has a very warm personality and her teaching is sound, word based and insightful. She has a disarming way of ministering with frequent illustration of real life experiences that makes it easy for people to identify with her teaching. She has a very sensitive nature which makes it easy for her to flow with the Holy Spirit with the resultant outward manifestation of the power of God in her ministry. Pastor Iyabo is an excellent cook; she enjoys baking, travelling and shopping.